Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Knew It

I was reading a "Behind the Scenes" news article on about a woman who used her deceased husband's sperm to become pregnant. The husband was killed by a sniper in Iraq. It was interesting, but one phrase caught my eye.

K.C. said she and Brian met in Austin in 1992. She was 27. He was 19. They shared a love for historical societies and re-enactments. Lots of her photographs show them in Elizabethan costume.

The "SCAdian Alert" alarm bell went off in my head. So, a little more Googling found an article on that goes into more detail on the event.

Tell me that this REALLY doesn't set your SCAdian Alert off:

The couple met at the University of Texas, where he was a student, she was a dormitory supervisor and both were members of a historical re-enactment group that specialized in pre-17th-century culture.

Sure enough, the deceased soldier was known in the Society as Friedrich von Konigsburg, from the Barony of Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra. There was a note about him on SCAToday.

He registered his name and device in 1993. "Per pale bendy sinister Or and gules, and argent ermined vert, on a chief embattled azure three sinister cubit arms, fists clenched, argent."

RIP, Friedrich. You made a beautiful baby boy.


quinbot said...

So I'm reading through a thread on slashdot where someone mentions that you'll be able to find out all about someone's life just by googling them, when I think to myself, "Ha! No one will be able to find out anything about me because I'm so stealthy that even Google doesn't know about me." Just to be sure, I google myself and find several references to a woman in Quebec with my name, a posting on a Palm forum that I don't even remember making, and your posting where you mention me. You've ruined my anonymity, ya bastard! And how can you remember all this stuff?


Train Geek said...

I guess your life is all over the net now, Lise! ;)

I used to keep a diary, and that is the source of most of my memories. In my old age I can barely remember last week. ;)